The success of Aesthetic Tile & Stone is a testament to the talent and hard work of every person in our business. Our multi-disciplined team of industry-leading professionals each bring an excellent range of expertise, experience, skills and connections. By working together, we can ensure we’re always delivering luxurious beauty to last a lifetime.

Luca Lapenna Director Aesthetic Tile and Stone Staff



Luca Lapenna set out with a vision to revolutionise the tiling industry. He wanted tilers to be recognised as more than tradespeople but as celebrated craftsmen. Paired with his genuine passion for connecting with clients and an incredible eye for detail, Luca established Aesthetic Tile & Stone.

Since launching the business, the natural leader has attracted a team of technicians that possess a wealth of experience, knowledge and integrity, and built an ethos of bespoke, premium and unique results. Luca now prides himself on leading an organisation that delivers custom high-end tile installations as if it was his own house.



James Chester is synonymous with a meticulous attention to detail and a genuine investment in every project. When it comes to his clients, the self-confessed perfectionist will stop nothing short of exceptional – determined to continually exceed all expectations with his work.

As a natural-born leader, James is the perfect fit for the role of Project Supervisor at Aesthetic Tile and Stone. It’s a responsibility James doesn’t take lightly, and his love of learning and efficiency continues to inspire everyone he works with. With James leading your project, you will experience the very best in quality at every stage of the process.

James Chester Project Supervisor Aesthetic Tile and Stone Staff
Beau Wilson Site Supervisor Aesthetic Tile and Stone Staff



Soon after starting his commercial tiling career, Beau Wilson fell in love with the beauty of high-end materials and customised projects. The motivated and enthusiastic tiler quickly worked his way up in the industry, securing several supervisors positions, which saw him managing teams of up to 40 tilers across multiple projects at once.

Beau’s passion for high-end tiling compliments his honest, reliable and responsive nature, and this approach has earned him a portfolio of satisfied customers. Beau operates with a simple philosophy – complete the project to perfection, every time.



Alessia Lapenna began her career in the legal industry at the age of 17, before transitioning into the real estate sector and working her way up to being a Senior Property Manager. After more than a decade of managing tradespeople, building client relationships and amassing a reputation for her client-centric approach, Alessia brought her skills, knowledge and passion to Aesthetic Tile & Stone for the role of Office Operations.

Alessia is known for her transparent and considerate communication style and is committed to leaving a legacy of customer satisfaction in every interaction. It’s Alessia’s extensive compliance and risk management training that equips her to efficiently and effectively respond to any challenge – on-site and in the office.

Alessia Lapenna Service Manager Aesthetic Tile and Stone Staff
Jennie Butler Operations Aesthetic Tile and Stone Staff



With over 15 years experience in construction operations, Jennie excels at developing scalable operations, driving growth, and improving efficiencies. The use of cutting edge technology was rapidly implemented across all business units to streamline operations and increase productivity.

Jennie is focussed on improving business performance, enhancing strategic capabilities and encouraging innovation for the business, our staff and clients.



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