Tile Sizes

Aesthetic Tile and Stone partners with The Tile Supply to provide you with the highest quality tile and stone products. Together we can create the spaces you envision. 

The Tile Supply have a stunning tile showroom is located on the Gold Coast. The Tile Supply ship Australia-wide and provide customers with a unique chance at some of the best quality products for amazing prices.

When considering the size of a tile you also need to understand tile thickness and what that means to your project. Tiles come in many shapes and sizes to suit the ever changing trends and purpose of a tile or space. 
Consider the tile size based on the space you have to work with.
  • Smaller spaces can benefit from larger tiles
  • Fewer grout lines can visually make the room larger
  • Small wall tiles can create depth in the space by using unique laying patterns.
 Tiles in Australia are in millimeters (1000mm = 1 metre)

Subway Tiles
75 x 150
60 x 240
75 x 300
100 x 300

Small Tiles
120 x 120
200 x 200
300 x 300

Medium Tiles
300 x 600
300 x 700 
400 x 400
450 x 450
450 x 900
500 x 500
600 x 600


Large Format Tiles
200 x 1200
600 x 1200
800 x 800
1000 x 1000
1200 x 1200

800 x 2400
1200 x 2400
1200 x 2700
1500 x 2600
1000 x 3000

White tiles seamless chevron pattern. Fishbone parquet. Ceramic or stone material, zig zag bricks or wooden flour in home, street or outdoor. Kitchen interior for catalog flat vector illustration
stack bond 1


Step Tread 3,4 or 5

Full Bullnose

Half Bullnose

Pencil Round

Flat Edge plus Bevel

Mitred Apron

Apron Round Edge

Apron Flat Edge Plus Bevel

Laminated Half Bullnose

Laminated Full Bullnose

Laminated Flat Edge Plus Bevel 

Apron with Stone Insert